Spa Excess

58% love it
Friendly and welcoming approach to the bathhouse
The mission statement promises to "provide a unique and upscale Spa for gay men in a safe and healthy environment." Modeled after the more social European spas.


    • radisson69
      radisson69 Over a year ago

      Each time i ll go to spa excess, its for 1st the hottub and enjoy the night so the rest of actions, social, discussion and more if possible. Different bathhouse or sauna give different services.

    • la plus mauvaise expérience de ma vie !
      Je ne savais pas que la culture du sauna était différente au Canada. Avec ce sauna, je l'ai compris. Pour les français qui ont 18/30, vous y serez déçu sauf si vous tripez sur : la gériatrie, les lieux crades et ce qui tombe en ruine (Pas d'ambiance et installations de mauvaise qualité). Ce sauna était surement au top dans les années 70. Sans doute pour cela que sa clientèle originelle y est encore.

      CNYMASC Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Waste of money and time
      Everyone running around with towels on, snubbing each other. Why go to a bath house for sex and be shy and snobby?? Wasted my money. I'll try a different bathhouse next time.

    • ConradS
      ConradS Over a year ago

      I went there couple times.Nice and clean inside.if you are a big fan of Asians you can always have fun there(for some reason,there are more Asian guys than others).

    • UrLucaDay
      UrLucaDay Over a year ago
      Loves it

      NIce steam & more
      First time here yesterday. wanted to try a different place.. . first, it's huge. Although I spent most of my time in the steamroom and showers hah Was lots of different types of guys actually and it smelled clean. Want to try colleeg night when i go next time.

    • CoolguyTO
      CoolguyTO Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Mad Decent
      always a hit or miss

    • clickhereifapplicable
      clickhereifapplicable Over a year ago

      I prefer Moderation over Excess
      This place is fine, until it's not, then it's slightly disturbing how fast they turn on you. I think the fault lies not with the clientèle or even most of the staff but with the out of touch owners. I personally won't be returning but I went there for many years oblivious to the dysfunction and to me it seemed fine. My warning would be enjoy yourself but never allow yourself to be in a situation where you might require serious assistance. If this warning seems too vague, stay away from here, it will bite you hard.

    • SteveDisque
      SteveDisque Over a year ago

      Depends on when you get there
      It was my first visit to Spa Excess in some years. I used to get there on weekend nights at 10.30, and found a crowd of sorts, but the action would be winding down. This time, I arrived at 9.30 or so, and the place was hopping! (I could, with profit, have arrived still earlier.) The facility is clean and well-maintained, as always, and there was a good mix of types: younger, older, trim, heavy, White, Black, and Asian. (I don't know which nights might be "good" besides Friday and Saturday; the one time I went on a Monday, it was d-e-a-d.)

    • strider2001
      strider2001 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      good times
      very clean and I met nice people

    • Sampunna83
      Sampunna83 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I stopped going there 3 years ago and have never been back since. One guy was stalking me and I told him `no`3 times, but he didn`t seem to accept the fact. He finally called me names such as Mr. Rice, Mr. Arrogance, etc. I went to the staff, Roger, and told him what was going on. Roger told me to stay away from that guy and I did stay away from him. Two hours later, I came to the TV room and that guy followed me to the TV room. He still bugged me calling me names (not loud, but I could still hear it) This happened in front of Roger (the TV room is near the bar where Roger was serving drinks to other clients), so I walked to Roger and again told him what that guy was saying. Guess what! I was shocked that Roger said that he didnt hear anything. Eventually, Roger and I started to argue about the whole situation. Finally, the solution for this was that Roger told me not to come back there again. And he successfully convinced me because I have never been back since.

    • boatlover
      boatlover Over a year ago
      Loves it

      not that happy
      I have been a fan for over 5 years and have always taken a guest with me. Yes there are a few aggressive types in the dark spots but on the whole find most patrons are respectful. Tonight I encountered attitude at the door as I was checking in. How unusual! I was embarassed for my guest who was made to feel conspicious. I understand rules must be followed, but I am discreet, I don't like to make a scene and I comply with the rules. Everyone signs differently, we resigned ad requested bbut I did not appreciate my name and city being announced out loud not the commotion over signatures. I'm not sure I'll want to return with a guest.

    • asiansrscum
      asiansrscum Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Has taken a MAJOR slide
      This used to be a good place to have fun, but now it's all gross old men who are afraid to put some soap and water on their bodies, and full of asians too. Had one scumbag sit beside me and wait until the guy I was sucking off was ready to come, then pulled his dick out of my mouth to take the load I worked hard for. Useless piece of shit. Had another waste of flesh asian who just wouldn't leave me alone (once you tell someone five times to take their hand off your dick, all bets are off, and they get what they deserve). The walking turd wouldn't take no for an answer, so I pulled him to the ground in an arm bar, and put the hurt to him. Too many aggressive wastes of flesh who don't take no for an answer. Full of old creepers who are grabby, pushy, and violent. Staff used to be much niicer too. Going late at night will mean more fat cock, but it also translates to aggressive asshats who don't know the meaning of no, follow you around like a lost puppy, and spoil your night. Haven't been there in months, and will never go back either.

    • slutiam
      slutiam Over a year ago
      Loves it

      my first visit
      I had a great time and found lots of action. If you are not too choosy than its wall to wall sex. Lots of sluts like me. I find that Asians and east Indians are great and willing to be very minded.

    • Why I like Spa Excess
      I like Spa Excess because it's nice and clean, and big enough for me, and the staff is very friendly.

    • Kent24
      Kent24 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Look like the Reviews are right about this place.
      Wow! Should have realized when I saw all the Old guys come into the Spa. Thought it was going to be great but who wants a Grandpa touching you. No Thanks not for me. Won't be back again.