Flash on Church

80% love it
Dancing and mayhem rule

Flash is now open to all. Its men-only space, called Cock Bar, has male strippers and play areas. Flash on Church hosts various parties, including karaoke, Latin Pop nights, drag bingo and more. 

They also have a monthly men-only Leather Fetish party called Leather Lives Social where people are allowed to play in public.

On Fridays, Flash hosts an open stage for baby drag queens hosted by two veteran queens. Every Monday night, there is a long-standing party called FML which features high-profile spotlight drag performances and rotating DJs.


    • During Covid, Flash reinvented itself as a general purpose venue. They are now open to all. They added a pile of video screens, upgraded their sound and light system, and made a pile of general renovations. It is a clean large bar offers music videos, Drag race viewing parties, Drag shows, Dance parties and special events. They also give back by offering their space for fund-raisers and conducting charity bingo every week. It's right in the centre of Toronto's Church-Wellesley Village, so once you're there, you can visit several of the bars. Saturday Latin parties are their premiere event followed by the FML party every Monday night (yeah, Monday). Staff are friendly with 2 bars to serve you. Dancing on the stage is allowed, but don't climb the stripper pole or you may be asked to leave.

    • AdamGobel
      AdamGobel Over a year ago

      I'm looking forward to coming back!
      Had a great time here over Pride. As a transman I was a little worried about going in but the door person told me that if my ID showed "M" that I was welcome in the club. If my ID showed "F" then I could come to the club on Monday nights or visit the Dance Party happening upstairs. Since I had already gone thru the hassle with the government of changing my ID I was all set to enjoy the show! The bar is really nice inside. Chandeliers and wood paneling. The purple paint is a little strange but you have to paint it something I guess. The guys were really polite and nice. I was shy about going for a dance but no one pressured me to. When I did finally go back for a dance it was nice. I did tell the guy I was trans and he was cool about it. It was a good time. It was $20 a song which I was ok with. I had been to the other strip place on Yonge and the guy there wanted $200 for five minutes which I thought was high. I stayed after my dances because I enjoyed the vibe. The queen on the mic was hilarious and quite nice to talk to in between her introducing the dancers. I was afraid that she would single me out and mock me (this happened across the road one night at another bar and I was pissed about it) but she was super chill with just the right amount of sarcasm. I did see a few other transfolk in the bar but I think I was the only FTM that night. I'm looking forward to coming back!

    • Kent24
      Kent24 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Bad Dancers at Flash.!
      Went back to Flash.! It's a shame and now the dancers are overweight. I am in better shape than they are. Was at the place on May 11, 2017. When I left going out the door I said guess you don't want my money. Won't ever go back again. Good luck.

    • TerryS
      TerryS Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Never Again
      Spent over $150.00 in drinks and a lot more on private dance. What really upset me was the Owner and Staff kept taking my unfinished drinks and dumping them. Then the owner walks up and gives me the signal to buy drinks or leave. Truly tasteless, Last time I go to that bar. Also, there is a man that is there every day playing video games and walks around as if he owns the joint. The scary thing is that he looks like death.

    • postcub
      postcub Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Trashy strippers
      First of all this is a strip joint, so I dont expect high standards. <br><br> If you are out on the town and want to go for a campy night out, this may be fun place to go for a few laughs, but as a lot, the dancers are kinda trashy. I do like strip clubs, but I would expect some hot beef when I go. It is sad that this place does not have any ( well they did not have any hot beef during Pride, when you would think your "A" team would be out ). It is not like Campus in Montreal or BJ's in Atlanta.

    • DavidBBB
      DavidBBB Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Had Fun
      As a person who has worked in the bar business for over 20 years I can tell you this. The reviews on this page that talk about dancers needing licences and all the technical stuff are from competing bars. Customers don't care about dancers and their paper work. What they do care about is entertainment and I think Flash has made some great changes over the past few months to provide their customers with a fun and exciting place to have a drink and watch some naked guys on the stage.Is Flash the most amazing strip club ever? No, but they sure are not as bad as some of the reviews here state and I suggest doing as I did. Go in and see for yourself.

    • jackal69
      jackal69 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      trash for flash
      i used to be regular then,but now the place is beginning to be a drug den,dancers are all high,even in the private rooms. Dancers tends to show customers what they're taking,and they would even indulge them to take it and later those poor customer would get hook to it and be miserable later on.I've seen people that got involve to the system and ended up on the streets... iAs far as i know some dancers are dealing drugs in and out of the club and his is not good for the business..don't you think so

    • Joseph2012
      Joseph2012 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This Bar is a Joke and Dancers rip you off.
      This is a joke with the Dancers who have no Licence to be at this place and the Owners also have no Licence as they are going to Court by the city over this mess as I saw this on Google. Carefull with the Dancers as they will ask where your staying then after work they come to you and demand money. Don't tell them where you will be as Management send Dancers to you to Demand Money. Something smells about Flash. Members Only is a Joke. Returned mine back and Owners Don't Care. Oh! Dancers are Hot with Muscles but don't know how to dance.

    • lazybrooktomyahoo.com
      lazybrooktomyahoo.com Over a year ago

      Worst bar in Toronto
      Zero stars. Awful bar. Gp to remingstons instead

    • TorontoBoyz
      TorontoBoyz Over a year ago
      Loves it

      half of the dancers are former Remington guys and some should just give up dancing altogether. some of them are hot and some not. the seating is not the best but the place is narrow so it's hard to configure so everyone can see. STOP USING THE DAMN SMOKE MACHINE!! The whole point is to SEE the dancers and a room filled with smoke makes that impossible. Fix that and you're off to the races!

    • rampage
      rampage Over a year ago
      Loves it

      great place
      great looking dancers.. I had a great time!

    • littleboy
      littleboy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      boring boring
      its suppose to be a private sexclub strip club with members only but apparently didnt work out so the result is far from that, u actually pay a cover fee $5 as a ""membership fee"" you have to print your name and sign when you go in the decor is nice woody and chandeliers so kind of classy ( they just kept the deco from the real private club was here before) the ''dancers'' who are not only dancers (Im not talking about serving drinks) are kind of pushy when the place is quiet some of them follow you in the washroom and tease you as they really want you to take them ""upstairs"" in the private area there is not really a seating area just 4/5 with few seats there is 2 stages or better to say 1 main stage(1pole) and 1 pole at the second floor the music is ok, the crow is old and during WE bit busy with the guys curious about this private club as they like to advertise the place is open 3/4times a week during the evening only or around 4/5pm the good news if u have the fantasy to have sex in a bar, its the place to do so as the place is register as sex club, been there 3 times w friends who wanted to try the place

    • blackdragon85
      blackdragon85 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      questions about $
      So I'm from out of town and was curious about how the money situation works there. If I order a n $8 drink, how much am I supposed to tip the bartender? I wasn't sure what the standard is. Also, I understand it is $5 to use a private booth and $20 to have a dance/song . Does that money go the dancer or the the club? At first I thought it all went to the dancer but then I began to think it went to the club. I'm thinking if the money goes to the club, then the dancer needs to be tipped? What is the standard on tipping a dancer? I was also curious to know if the dancers are paid hourly with tips on top? I hope these questions don't sound like silly questions. Responses to these questions would give me a better idea of how to spend and how much of it when I'm there. I'm new to the scene and just would appreciate some advice. Thanks

    • womby
      womby Over a year ago
      Hates it


    • Mikhal
      Mikhal Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Friday and Saturday Nights
      ...last Friday was the second time I visited Flash. This place men, and I do mean men, is a clean and class act. The guys that frequent this club are upscale, clean gentlemen with one thing on their minds FUN...enjoy it fellas.