The Keg Steakhouse

92% love it
Steakhouse offering stunning atmosphere
Located in a converted mansion, the Keg Mansion is a beautiful restaurant offering a traditional menu, including specialty steak dinners.


    • SouthW
      SouthW Over a year ago
      Loves it

      loved the place
      good food, great staff.. enjoyable

    • Value for the punch
      I know a lot of people like to put chains down but they remain in business despite the protests, McDonalds, and I have been to other Kegs I did not enjoy but apart from sometimes too many people for my liking I have always left the Mansion satisfied.

    • rojoman54
      rojoman54 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      best steak for great value
      NOT a gay restaurant but lots of gay clientele and staff - really enjoyable!!!!

    • gregorygeorge
      gregorygeorge Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Just okay......Served with an hour wait :(
      We waited over an hour for our "just okay" steak dinner. NOT a gay friendly place as suggested. The staff were very unpleasant and not happy here. We ordered some apps, the surf and turf and a fillet mignon, a bottle of wine some water followed by dessert and paid well over $200. This was the most expensive restaurant on our vacation with the worst food and service. Not happy....Do not recommend. Stay on the gay strip.

    • poolboy18
      poolboy18 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good for a nice dinner
      Always a good steak to be had

    • LoretteCLuzajic
      LoretteCLuzajic Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Hail Haunted Caesars!
      Located just a block from the heart of gay Canada, by chance this meat lover’s mansion has a highly visible gay clientele. That’s fine, because the steaks are just as wonderful as any Keg location, and the Bloody Caesars are the best I’ve ever had, and the garlic shrimp appetizer is mouthwatering, and because the mansion is one of Canada’s most haunted hotspots. But be forewarned that this is where all the thirtysomething post-divorce business class breeders come looking for their second chance, especially upstairs in the informal lounge area, where the men put down their briefcase and unknot their ties. Still, breeders are people too, and they seem happy to share their barstools and comfy upholstery. It’s also the most gorgeous Keg location, in a real mansion. Sadly, they’ve built a gas station out front, which detracts from the visual splendour. But the waiters will tell you all about the resident ghosts.