Crews & Tangos

95% love it
Popular club complex offering drag shows

Great atmosphere at these two converted Victorian houses. There is always some kind of spectacle in the works and a crowd ready to have a good time.


    • cavalier
      cavalier Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not a gay bar
      This was such a disappointment. I went on a Friday night while visiting Toronto. Literally, about 70% of the crowd was straight women, and another 5-10% were their straight boyfriends. I stayed 10 minutes and then went across the street to Woody’s.

    • SavannahR
      SavannahR Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Horrible Security
      Withnessed something completely horrific this past Saturday. After the United Airlines incident, you'd think security guards going on a power trip would be better controlled but no. I was upstairs when I withnessed this brown security guard walk up on a power trip and push everyone out of his ways (because asking politely to move in a crowded club is too much clearly), tells a group (near another group of a birthday/bachelorette party) to get off the chairs near the bar then him push the chairs roughly to one side like a child going on a temper tantrum. One of the girls moved the chair an inch to sit on it and he comes back yelling at them to antagonize them and later kicks them out. As I walk down the stairs, I see three guards manhandle one girl....THREE MEN ON ONE WOMAN with the brown guy grinning, waving and saying "bye bye bitch" which I clearly heard as I passed the commotion. When I asked the bruised girl outside what happened, she told me that the guard claimed she spilled a drink on her when she wasn't drinking nor had a drink in her hand since she was driving and asked management to view the camera footage upstairs. On the stairs, the guard asked her to move and she said that she's waiting for her girlfriend that was walking down the stairs and they manhandled her. She said if she wanted to create trouble, wouldn't she resist leaving from upstairs itself, why on the stairs would she do anything other than make sure her girlfriend could find her. Apparently the head of security was no better, all he kept saying was "am head of security". Great, you earn $5 more than the rest of the guards and can't manage your own team responsibily, who would take you seriously? This is not the first time I've withnessed the same brown security guard go on a power trip. It's as if he hates women that are lesbians because it bruises his ego. Let's face it, with the way he is or looks, lesbian or not, none of that was attractive or legal in my views. I hope he is charged and that management takes this seriously. Far too many people get hurt with guards going on a power trip. Reading the many reviews, there are multiple reviews on how rude the guards are. There was an article that came out on news about how a guy that has Tourette's was assumed he was on drugs and simply kicked out without being questioned nor hearing him about his reasons. Later on management took responsibility for that. How many times is management going to suffer on such stupid incidents by the guards. Either train your guards well, send them for emotional intelligence classes or fire them. But such behaviour is just inappropriate and illegal in many ways. It's going to make me rethink ever going back. Just horrific and I feel bad for that girl.

    • CoolguyTO
      CoolguyTO Over a year ago

      This is the place to go to on a weekend night if you want to be harassed by security staff and have your medication stolen for no good reason. This place is very biased about who can hang out there.

    • daniel.brosh.16
      daniel.brosh.16 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      terrible and transphobic
      I came with my girlfriend and they didn't let her in because she's trans. I hope this place closes.

    • luckyt
      luckyt Over a year ago
      Hates it

      pick pocketed
      I was there last night (Oct 4,2013) and my phone was stolen from my pocket. As soon as I found it was missing I knew it was taken and knew exactly who took it. I went to look for the man but he was gone. I went to the bar and security and they said they couldn't do anything about it. I finally went outside to stand by the exit to see if I could spot the man but no luck. While standing outside I saw that there were other people that had been pocketed. We all shared who we thought it was and our descriptions matched. He is a 5'4 male with shoulder length curly hair and he appears to be of Hispanic descent. There were at least 9 people whose wallets and/or phones were stolen. Finally, the owner came out and asked us to clear the way and I said I was going to stand there because my stuff was stolen. They asked me to go for a walk into the parking lot, to see if I could spot him. They took my information and his description and asked me to come back tonight to see if they found anything on surveillance. I know I won't get my phone back but if I can do anything, I'd really want to prevent this from happening to anyone else. I hope they found someone on the surveillance and are able to ban this person from the club. Needless to say, I will not be returning to Crews and Tango again.

    • musiq4ever
      musiq4ever Over a year ago
      Loves it

      music was ok
      The upstairs dance floor is the size of my living room. The music had no bass all treble had my ears bleeding. We stayed downstairs with the drag queens. They were entertaining. The crowed is mixed. Mostly guys though. Some women and some "straights". Don't put ur drink or even try to sit on the stage. They will call you out and make you look like a fool. Some will even drink your beer. Overall ok. The chicks were hot. Like really hot so I'll be back....

    • solexx
      solexx Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Awesome place!
      Great environment it's very welcoming. They have avante garde drag shows with the likes of Nikki Chin

    • wynter
      wynter Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Was in the village last week and was going to have a good time. the letter in the window says that they are not re-opening at that location. and there is a for lease sign in the window!

    • dryfly72
      dryfly72 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Is this club closed now for remodel? I was there in March and go there everytime I'm in Toronto. I'll be there for one month in June, I hope it is open. Toronto guys are great, Thanks!

    • Kawii01
      Kawii01 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      i liked it :)
      i had a really good time there. Despite the majority of the reviews if it really is all that bad then why is it normally so crowded? obviously theres something about it that people like and keep going tolol

    • guilhermegvva
      guilhermegvva Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I miss there!
      I know that my review could be a little strange, but last year I was in Canada and I stayed in Toronto a month. I went some days to Church and there I started to really know how the canadians have fun. I really miss your country.. If someone there want a brazilian friend.. please, talk with me.. I'll be happy!

    • PUDDY
      PUDDY Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I was there a few times with friends of mine and they were not impressed at my choice of bar/club. The entertainment was fine but the overall atmosphere sucked. The place was dirty and the bar staff rude. The management (Malaine) does a poor job of keeping an upbeat atmosphere.

    • swisscan
      swisscan Over a year ago
      Hates it

      So yesterday!!
      This place is totally outdated, in a bad shape and not clean! The entertainment is repeating itself again and again!! (Michelle Ross!!) Famous for overcrowding on weekends as well, they even managed to be shut down for the Gay Pride 2008!!!

    • kittykat
      kittykat Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Are people still going there????
      We all went to Crews and Tangos ,back when we first came out and it seemed super cool and back then we felt super cool but that was then and this is now, Crews was sweaty, overcrowded and in no way worth the ridiculously long line up...the music best.

    • huntermel
      huntermel Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Out with the old
      Sorry but the place seems like it's about to collapse. Time for a reno! And the smell! Peeew! Boring drag kings. The Queens are often entertaining! That's the only thing it has going for it really.