Sneaky Dee's

100% love it
Mexican food with attitude
Mexican restaurant that also serves as a concert venue. Check their website for upcoming listings.


    • LoretteCLuzajic
      LoretteCLuzajic Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Home of the Nacho
      Over two decades of indie music, cheap brew on tap, and the best nachos, potato skins, and black bean soup anywhere. Sneaky Dees still harbours a reputation for brawls and such, and it’s true that the late night crowd can be rough and tumble, usually broke locals relishing the impossibly low liquor prices. The place is a dive of the best sort- endless graffiti, to which you’ll add your own if you can find a Sharpie, and murals of skeletons. But somehow the testosterone palace has become a mixed-crowd draw for stringy musicians, vegetarian dyke sorts, and heavily pierced art fags and hairdressers to throw back the tequila and feast on hand cut fries. Forget it if you’re easily alarmed, clean cut, conservative, or expect quick kiss-ass service, ‘cause you won’t find it. But if it’s adventure, edge, and food too good to believe you want at bargain basement prices, see you there.