El Convento Rico

95% love it
Caliente entertainment in the village
Signage discreet -- look for the Blockbuster sign and go downstairs. This Latin inspired dance club welcomes all -- gay, straight, and in between! Samba is the dance of choice here, but don't worry if it's new to you -- no one on the jam-packed dance floor will notice.


    • danifesto
      danifesto Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Love this two years ago. Not many gays there now. But a nice mixed club you can invite everyone to and be sure a good time is to be had by all! If you dont like Latin music, dont go. They play mainstream stuff as well but thats what makes this place different.

    • MammyGraham
      MammyGraham Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Straight Latinos, Women, and Homos???
      Strange combination of about 75% straight Latinos and women, and about 25% gays. If it weren't for the drag performance, you would definitely thick is just like any other straight club. Not really my scene, but I managed to have some fun regardless.