Club 120 (Closed Permanently) Formerly: Goodhandy's

96% love it
GayCities Members report that Club 120 has closed
The pansexual playground
If genderbending and transgirls are your cup of tea, check out Club 120 for its open atmosphere and welcoming attitude.


    • yongere
      yongere Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The best bisexual time I had
      I went to this place on a saturday night when I was touring Toronto. OMG. I had the best time ever. Hot open straight guys who were willing to give their cocks to me. When I went there around 11, the crowd was mostly men and two guys started talking to me about how boring the crowd is. And was complaining there were only men and the only females were transsexuals blah blah. They thought I was straight. Then I told them I love giving head to a man. They found it interesting and we 3 went to the toilets at the back side. When I was giving them a bj, 1 more guy joined us. Later we stopped and decided to go downstairs for a drink. 1 of them bought me a drink and we had a nice time. Soon by 1AM, the scene was very hot with men and women playing together and the live sex show. We decided to do our action again and when we started many men and women joined us. I had a very hot time. Also, the hosts were very friendly !!

    • Why I like Goodhandy's
      I like Goodhandy's because they have nice parties and special events as well.

    • imperator
      imperator Over a year ago
      Loves it

      had a pretty interesting time at Pride 2011's Fetish party
      it wasn't *everything* I could have hoped for, but it was certainly interesting ;)

    • Radar870
      Radar870 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      something naughty and different
      I had such a facination with my first trip to this club a few months back I just had to go again. This is a real different experience for a country pumkin like myself yet was intesley sexually stimulating. the guy/gals tras gen were awsome, beautiful and sexy. A really friendly place to visit and very laid back about ones sexual prefrences. these gals were hot and I partook f a hot private dance , way sexier than any lap dance from a women. If you've ever wondered treat yourself.

    • oscarraymundo
      oscarraymundo Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Sodom party every 3th saturday
      Toronto's decadent (and irreverent) dance party and the costumes are all out!

    • Alex231
      Alex231 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Staff are nice. If you want to go to upstairs you have to be a member and that will last only a month. Guys upstairs who have shirts off are Hustlers looking to get paid to have sex with people. That was a shock. That`s why you need a membership for upstairs. It was my first time at this place. For me I felt like I was not welcomed at this place at all. To bad. Oh! Well maybe it was the wrong time to be at this bar.

    • ScottyB
      ScottyB Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Most Fun I Have Had in a Club
      After my fourth visit to Goodhandy's Club, I can say that this is my favorite place to vacation and party. The People are always fun and I have seen things that I have never seen in any club- Anywhere. The owners are always very hospitable, and coming form the south, that is very important to me. The drinks are as good as the bartenders and I recommend that everyone checks it out. I am still hoping to see the Scorpion Twins on one my trip to Goodhandy's.

    • Rycke
      Rycke Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun and Unexpected
      I always like new venues. I've been to toronto many times. It's not as great for gay activity as Montreal (not many places are) but there are a lot of choices. I decided to try out GoodHandy's because it was new and Toronto needs something a little looser and sexier. In deed it fits that bill!! I'm older (over 40) and I like to be around young guys, especially if they are naked...I went to GoodHandy's on a Saturday night thinking it was a sex club....Well, it might be on some nights, but not on Saturday night. But it was a great mix of sex and hot boys along with a lot of guys my age. So I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. The sex is mainly from the paid dancers, although it seems that a few unpaid hot boys get on the stage or the 'barrel' to show off with their pants dropped down and jerking off their cocks. Two blond twins were the feature attraction on this night and they were exactly my type....20's, cute, slender, twinkish, and totally uninhibited. They started dancing on stands next to the bar wearing mini-briefs. I wasn't expecting much more than this, but boy was I wrong. Another guy about 25yo with a nice body and a huge cock (8" or so) got on a barrel next to the stage and dropped down to a jock strap...The twins took a break and in about 20 minutes, they came out on stage completely naked. This would have been enough !!!....This lasted about a half hour...then another break. The second show started about 1:30 am and was the main event. Two cute boys and Then the twins joined them totally naked. all very hot to watch from 3 feet away. I loved it. Lasted about 45 minutes. After that, the twins left...but a few other cute boys joined on the stage and a lot more . Funny thing is, the audience couldn't really join in (except for private dances)...but the audience was hot too...a lot of cute 20 and 30 yo's...dancing, watching, oogling. Anyway....I had a great time. Got to meet the twins later....and left totally satisfied. It's a dive...but a HOT dive...LOL

    • hornysk8er
      hornysk8er Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Amazing place
      Great vibe. Kewl ppl. Friendly staff. Hot live sex show

    • nnoidone
      nnoidone Over a year ago

      hot guys & shows; not-so-great atmosphere
      went to this bar for first (and so far only) time during Canada's Thanksgiving weekend when Pierre Fitch had his "Tabernac" show there. When I walked in, there was a sex show being performed on-stage with 3 HOT naked guys..and the night just got better from there, guy-wise ;) bar itself is kind of a "dive" with sticky floors, no seating in front of stage (only around bar), and the music is played WAY too loud - with no place to go to get away from it! if you stay the whole night, you'll be deaf by the time you leave :( drinks are average price and bus boys are hot walking around in tidy whitey briefs ;) if it weren't for the atmosphere & too loud music, wuld get 5 stars!