416-LGBT Spring B-Ball Classic


416-LGBT invites you to join us for another evening of fun, community and sport as we gather for our Spring Basketball Classic!!

This event is FREE OF CHARGE to attend, and just $5/person to play!!! We are looking for a maximum of 16 teams, and each team must have 5 players!!

The winning team will receive a trophy and prizes!!

The event will have music provided by the Legend himself, DJ BlackCat

In January, Danger Zone came out victorious. Will they be the champs again or will another team take them off the top??!!

**Special Announcement**

At the WINTER basketball tournament, we raised $380 for the TKBA. For this 1, we are going to be donating to a community group that we should ALL be familiar with.

BQY / A group for black trans and queer youth is currently organizing our 5th Pride Black Trans & Queer Stage.


We are currently rallying for funds to support the stage, pay youth acts and organizers, get food, etc!!

With your support at this Spring Basketball Classic, u will be helping to bring our 5th BQY PRIDE stage to LIFE!!

Our fundraising goal at this tournament is $500 !!!

Come on community.. LET US SUPPORT OUR YOUTH!!!
  • Wellesley Community Centre
    495 Sherbourne Street, Toronto
  • Sunday May 28
  • Event on Facebook


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