April Board Games Night


Hello, hello, hello -- welcome to the Toronto Gaymer's monthly Board Games Night!

"Uh, what do I do here...," you may be asking yourself, to which we say, "Play some games, enjoy food and drink, and have a generally great tIme!

"But... how?" Well, that's simple!

There's $6 entry fee, a nametag for you, and from there just find a seat at one of the many tables. Thereafter, select a game you want to play from the games cabinet at the far end of the bar (which has some lovely food and drinks available, both non-alcoholic and 'more spirited' varieties).

"Hmm, but I don't like board games..." Good news: There are card games too, not to mention thousands of books. (The Glad Day is a bookstore with a long history of serving "The Village"!)

You and all of your friends are welcome; we're an inclusive group: The space is wheelchair accessible, ASL is used by many, all genders and sexualities are encouraged to join in... We're here to have a good time playing games!

"I can't make it when it starts, I get off work at after the event begins..." Understandable! This is a drop-in event, so feel free to come in when you can. ;)

"You're really enthusiastic about games aren't you?" Well, you can't call yourself a gamer without liking playing games now then can you?!

We truly hope to see you there!


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