!! cirQlar & Electro Swing Club Toronto present: THE LOST FINGERS !!


Hey there, stranger...it sure has been a while. Whaddya say we hot-step it on out to the show and catch up?!

On February 22nd 2013, ElectroSwing Club Toronto and cirQlar will bring you THE LOST FINGERS as you've never seen them before! Revival gets the full cirQlar treatment, setting the scene for ESC Toronto's sophisticated party vibe. Expect a 2-room feast for the senses complete with hot licks and jive kicks while this Platinum sporting, Juno-nominated, Gypsy-Jazz joint-jumpin' trio cranks it up to eleven on the main stage.

Toronto ElectroSwing magnates medicineman (Electroswing.ca / cirQlar / CIUT.fm) and Foxtrot Holmes (Electroswing.ca) lay it down in the Frisky Business Swing room with a Swingin' Bass & Funk set from Skank Honto (SkankHonto.com).

Down in the Smooth Criminals 4Four Chamber, some of Toronto's most loved underground scene legends take to the decks to dish out the funky, chunky, tech sauce. Om Festival heavyweight, Spazzmonk (ORP / Bassculture) is set to shake the room with Archi-textures founder Hans Ohm (architextures.info) and your beloved cirQlar residents Rollin' Cash and T-minus.

And because no show is complete without oohs and ahhs, we've packed some fresh tricksters up our sleeves to dazzle and delight you! Renowned slight of hand artist, Dylan Studebaker (punkmagic.com) will host the evening while the burlesqueing Mina Lafleur (minalafleur.com) and high-flying Kadri Hansen (noparachutetheatre.com) will have you picking your jaw up off the floor all night!

As always, costumes are encouraged & we can't wait to see all you hep cats in your fancy and finery. We're gonna blow the roof off this joint ;)

***Frisky Business Swing Room***
Skank Honto - Swingin' Bass & Funk
medicineman - Electro Swing
Foxtrot Holmes - Electro Swing

***Smooth Criminals 4Four Chamber***
Spazzmonk - Funky Chunky Tech House
Hans Ohm - Liquid Funk
Rollin' Cash - Tech Funk
T-minus - Lo-Fi Swazz Tech

Dylan Studebaker - Magic
Mina Lafleur - Burlesque
Kadri Hansen - Aerials

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Friday February 22nd, 2013

*LIMITED* ADVANCE TICKETS $20 available online at:


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