Amateur Strip Night Judged by Drag Queens: Kink

We invite you to a night of amateur stripping / performance art for cash with fierce judgement rendered by two drag queens who send kink checklists to one another.


Once I dropped something on the floor as a baby and I looked up at mom's feet. I was waiting for them to get out of the way so I can get a good view of the television because the loveable Seinfeld was on there and from now on when I hear that breathy jaunty introduction music I'm elevated into a world of ecstasy.


This Amateur Strip we are inviting you to share what your kink is through performance! It can be anything! We don't kink shame. Let it on out like its Folsom or the former 'Church Street Family Fair'.


We are at Round Venue!
Doors at 9pm / FIRST 5 PEOPLE ARE FREE
Performances from your spiritually rich hosts at 10pm
Amateur Stripping at 11pm + 12pm
Winners announced at 1am.
Dance throughout!


As always, In terms of ‘strip’ – we are open to wide interpretation. Acts that adhere to the theme are given a leg up in judging, but you don't have to limit yourself! The more ridiculous the better. All genders & orientations encouraged. It's body-posi, queer-posi, all posi.

Show Begins at 10
Acts –> Intermission –> Acts
$100 to the winner
$50 to the shoulda been winner
& Prizes to Dishonourable Mentions

Claim a spot to perform a song in the Comments.
Tell us your song.
PM if you are shy.
If you pre-register to perform, you and a friend get in for free + 1 drink ticket!
Performers are judged based on Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Theme (Adherence to).

Fierce Judgement rendered by
Allysin "Seasonal Affective Disorder" Chaynes
Jacklynne "Left The Pentagram Candles Burning" Hyde
& Adam "Still getting over Morrissey" the DJ
$5 b4 midinght, $10 after.
Security on-site.


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