Eaton Chelsea

88% love it
Close to the gay 'hood
Comfortable hotel high rise walking distance to the gay village.


    • SteveDisque
      SteveDisque Over a year ago

      Still good, with some iffy details
      This was my fourth stay at this hotel, but my first since it left the Delta "fold." The good news: It's not all that different. The desk staff are responsive, housekeeping is excellent, and the rooms are much as they were. And, unlike other respondents on another site, I had no problem with the WiFi over a five-night stay. The location remains more or less unbeatable, with ready access to Yonge Street, and a passel of restaurants behind the hotel on Elm Street. The less good news: The "Market Garden" food center is still wildly overpriced -- and, if you go at an off hour, you might have to wait five minutes or so for the cashier to return from wherever. The "Bb33 Bistro" in the front of the hotel, where they used to offer a breakfast buffet, has been closed -- the space is rented out for special events -- and replaced with another restaurant, towards the rear (the Elm Street side) that's even more fiendishly overpriced. (I did not try it.) Finally, the "Blue" elevator bank that serves the uppermost floors -- where I was booked -- includes six elevators, but no more than three were working at any given time. This sometimes produced massive delays, with the three working elevators frequently stopping at nearly every one of the upper floors; and it left hordes of people waiting for those elevators in the lobby. (This was particularly trying in the late afternoons, when, it seemed, a fair number of airline personnel would be checking in.) I'd thought there might have been a mechanical problem, but no: it was not always the same three elevators that were functioning! If this is a management decision to save money, it's pennywise and pound-foolish. Certainly I'll think twice about staying on an upper floor here again.

    • isis
      isis Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Pride weekend
      I was very impressed with the hotel. Without even having to ask, employees went above and beyond to accommodate our group with security and concierge and at no extra cost. I would recommend to anyone.

    • wad
      wad Over a year ago
      Hates it

      never again
      Stayed overnight to do a little shopping in Toronto, can say I was totally underwhelmed. The room was in need of a reno, it was so tired that I thought I was staying at my aunt marge's house that hadn't seen a gallon of paint in 20 years. I was charged a couple of weeks later an extra 85 dollars, contacted the accounts department and still haven't got any satisfaction as to why I was charged extra. There was no robe in the room , something I like to have when I am travelling and just want to relax after being on the go all day long. The only thing positive I can say about the place is the location, it is very central if you want to be downtown central. There are too many other good hotels in Toronto to bother staying in this one.

    • rainbowrhl
      rainbowrhl Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good Cruising
      Check out the sauna up on the 27th floor for some added fun.