TNTMEN Naked Dance Summer Games


Get NOTICED on the dance floor this month and WIN!
DJ Blackcat will be supplying dance energy this month! Get noticed on the dance floor this month and one of our "mystery watchers" may award you a free DANCE TICKET for TNTMEN's August 26th Naked Dance! So what does get noticed mean? Use your imagination, your amazing dance moves, your charm, your dazzling smile or maybe your best come-hither look, and since you don't know who's watching... make eye contact, entice someone to join you on the dance floor!

About our Dance Poster "Summer Games"
Since the warm weather is here we are celebrating the outdoors, sports and naked men. What immediately comes to mind were those sexy Ancient Olympians who apparently competed naked. We hope this little look back in history will get you in the mood to get physical for this month's dance. So get outside and enjoy the summer heat, but don't forget to bring your bronzed and sweaty self to Club 120 for your own celebration of all things male! We look forward to seeing you naked!

This exerp from: THE IOC. "THE ATHLETE."ANCIENT OLYMPICS. (accessed July 6,2017)

Through the 12 centuries of the Olympic Games, many wonderful athletes competed in the stadium and the hippodrome of ancient Olympia's sacred area, moving the crowds with their great achievements. Although mortal, their Olympic victories immortalised them. Of the best athletes who left their mark on the sacred valley of Olympia, some surpassed all limits and became legends by winning in successive Olympic Games and remaining at the forefront of their sport for more than a decade. It is worth mentioning some of their extraordinary achievements, which, even by today's standards, would be the envy of athletes such as Nurmi, Zatopek or Lewis.


All free male Greek citizens were entitled to participate in the ancient Olympic Games, regardless of their social status. Orsippos, a general from Megara; Polymnistor, a shepherd; Diagoras, a member of a royal family from Rhodes; Alexander I, son of Amyndas and King of Macedonia; and Democritus, a philosopher, were all participants in the Games.


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