House of Filth Annual Family Showcase


The House of Filth return to our home base The Beaver for our annual extravaganza of hedonistic revelry and irreverant pop cultural molestation. Featuring spotlight shows from the House of Filth and friends throughout the night, the annual family showcase is our official House of Filth Pride week kickoff!

IGBY Lizzard
Nancy Bocock
Allysin Chayne's
Dottie Dangerfield
Champagna Enemea
Fisher Price
Maximum Capacity
Laura Desiree
Tanya Cheex
Dolly Berlin
Mango Sassi
Pearle Harbour
Jacklynne Hyde
Gina Toniq

DJ Aeryn Pfaff

Door Whore Maha Rishi

Photography by Andrew Kounitskiy



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