Bathhouse & Body Works: Juice Boxxx + Fisher Price


A Monthly Queer Bathhouse Night of Drag & Performance


Performances / Juice Boxxx + Fisher Price
DJs / Cam Lee + Mimi
Pole Dancing / Axel Blows
Visuals / Effie Eff
Host / Adam Cowan
AND Private Parts Photobooth + Costume Contest


Here we get nudey again.
What about the real nudes?
The ones you send?

This month is all about your vanity. Get all your sexting pics ready for summer. We will be setting up a booth for you to decorate your shizzz and some nice lighting fo you to capture yourself on your own devices. If you are feeling bold, enter you and your bits in the costume contest. Expect little tiny t-shirts.

We are happy to welcome JUICE BOXXX fo the fist time!
Resident sloth FISHER PRICE.
Axel Blows is back for your pole needs.
Showers, Hot Tub, and Heated Pool are there for you health needs but really it’s there to touch your lovely partners without alerting everyone in the gosh darn bar.


Performances by ///

JUICE BOXXX - Triple Xs in the shower

FISHER PRICE - Our resident sloth returns!

DJs ///

CAM LEE - The lovely human lampshade!

MIMI - Out of the trees and into the Oasis

Super Fetish ///

A private parts costume contest with supplies such as googly eyes provided by Bathhouse & Body Works. Photo area set up for your summe sexts. As suggested by The Full Monti.

Pole Dancing by AXEL BLOWS

Visuals by //

Glitch Porn by Effie Eff

Hot Tub + Heated Pool + Sauna + Showers + Dungeon + ‘Rooms for Activities’ by Oasis Aqua Lounge

Your host ADAM “Bishop with a Turtle Neck" COWAN is here for your questions and inspections.


We now have a group for you to keep abreast of things -

$20 Gender Neutral Pricing @ ze door.
No Pre-Sales.
Includes Locker & Towels & Full Access.
Be sure to bring your ID. Very strict.
Wear as much as everything or as little as nothing.


Oasis Aqualounge
231 Mutual St.
Toronto, ON

Single, taken, queer, gay, straight, bi, trans, lesbian, questioning and kinky. This event is for all sexual orientations and all gender identities. Unfortunately, the venue is sans accessible.

We do our best to make this a good time for everyone. If you find anybody not respecting you for ANY reason, please alert security, the staff, or Adam.


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