The Contractual Construction of Polyamory


Join us for the last session of the LGBTQ+ Workshop for this year.
In this workshop, SJD Candidate Jack Enman-Beech will discuss the contractual nature of polyamorous relationships.

Strucutre of the talk will be:
1) Introduce basic terms and concepts about polyamory;
2. a) polyamorous communities have used contract to understand their relationships;
2. b) this illustrates the reach of contractualist thought; and,
2. c) it raises problems. Particularly, it will bring problems if the contractual construction of polyamorous relationships will be used, as seems likely, to structure their eventual legal recognition.
3) Discussion

When? Wednesday, MArch 22nd, 5.10 – 6.30 pm
Where? FA4 (Falconer Hall)


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