Newbie Gay Rock Climbing Day


Hey climbers and wanna-be climbers!

After a long hiatus, we're throwing another newbie day. If you've never rock climbed, or you're a seasoned pro, come out to join the fun and festivities.

We've arranged for a group lesson for everyone that needs one. We'll try to have as many experienced climbers around to make sure that nobody kills themselves once the lesson is over.

The cost is $40, which will get you the lesson, a week's pass at Toronto Climbing Academy, and free shoe and harness rentals for that entire week!

We can accommodate up to 80 people for the lesson. You must send an e-transfer to register and ensure your spot. If we reach 80 people, that's it. Please see the pinned posting for instructions.

Usually we head out somewhere to eat afterwards, but we can play that by ear, depending on what people want to do. We can arrange rides for the people that are carless. Just let us know what you need, and we'll try to make it happen!

This is a straight friendly event. Anyone, anywhere along the Kinsey scale is most welcome to join. Bring your friends!
  • Toronto Climbing Academy (TCA)
    11 Curity Avenue, Toronto
  • Saturday Apr 8
  • Event on Facebook


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