STAIN - "Death Dance"


STAIN welcomes the curious and the under achievers to witness a show like no other, with music by some of Toronto’s sexiest bands, along with tantalizing performances of great proportions, and awesome guest DJ's.

This month we present a gothic macabre experience with Amy's Arms and Puncture Vine, with ghastly performance pieces by Venus Venom and Fierce Foxy Fires. DJ Triple-X and guest DJ Paul Savage keep things dark and dirty with danse beats til the wee hours. Punk Ass Piercings Ink. will also be showcasing their tattoo, piercing, and jewellery ware.

STAIN: Friday February 15th
Velvet Underground, 510 Queen St W, 416-504-6688 -
Doors 930pm - 7 Buxxx cover - This is a 19+ licensed event

Performer Bios

Amy’s Arms is a Toronto-based, gothic rock band that was established in 2006 and evolved with vocalist/lyricist, Karen O’Keeffe and musician Justin Minister. The band grew to include an additional singer Tyla Thea Bolte, bassist Brent Kervin, keyboardist Graham Galbraith-Nolan, and drummer Ali Kat.Their sound can best be described as romantic deathrock, as if they were the lovechild of Dead Can Dance and Christian Death. The current EP, Clandestine, released in 2011 is available on Bandcamp and work on a full length album is currently underway.
Goth goth goth. A little sad, a little deathrock, a little melancholy.........

Puncture Vine are an emotionally vibrant and highly charged hybrid of the organic and electronic Puncturevine has been making innovative electronic music since 1997, and has released 6 Albums to date. ( Burn, Unravelling Fire, Ignite, Pyro, Glow ( a special Christmas release ), and Catching Fire ,as well as a best-of release and a special North by North East release. Puncturevine's music is ever-evolving, and borrows from many styles and genres, but it always maintains a certain mystique. Multi-Part harmonies, Trip Hop, Trance, Industrial, and Electro combine with Pop, Rock, Disco, and even Opera to create a something new all its own. The band are working on a new full-length in 2013.

Venus Venom is a model and performance artist with a large body of work rooted in belly dance and video. Using belly dance, Ms Venom addresses many social justice and advocacy related themes from mental health to sexuality. Her style ranges from vaudevillian to dark and Gothic to classical Middle Eastern dance. Having grown up in the LGBT and BDSM community, these experiences have infused her style of story-telling through movement. Ms Venom has been a performer for almost a decade with events such as the "Pussy Palace" "Pride Toronto" and "Taste of the Danforth" under her coinbelt, including a performance for belly dance legend Fifi Abdou. Ms Venom teaches bellydance based wellness classes and writes for local blogs on bellydance related activities. Before her life as a performance artist Ms Venom was a well known sex work and mental health advocate.

U.K. Born, Toronto based DJ / Producer Paul Savage honed his skills in the underbelly of London’s Soho red-light district, before relocating to Toronto and opening Savage Garden Nightclub, a mainstay of the goth/industrial scene in Toronto for fifteen years.
Today he embraces electro, house, progressive and minimal techno, blending them into a genre all his own that can only be described as true fusion. He’s currently the resident at Subspace, Toronto’s largest fetish alt-lifestyle event, and a perennial guest at the annual Torture Garden weekend. He spins what he calls beats for freaks, a mixture of progressive, electro and electro-house, with a unique high energy alternative edge. He’s known for his live mixes and mashups, mixed in alongside his originally produced material, that’s sure to heat up the dancefloor.

Punk Ass Piercing will be onsite with lots of giveaways and cool shit - Check out their custom designs and unique jewellery offerings

Past performances include boyBITCH, Sexy Merlin, The Pussypops, Aviva Mirage, Jenna Syde, IGBY Lizzard, Light Fires, No Breakup, Triple Gangers, Fortuna, Freakapotamus, Sylvan Sessions (Ellevan/Tyson Coady), Murr featuring Rosina. Tight Nuns, After The Empire, HRS LVR, Monty Cantsin Amen, Corpusse, Burning Iceberg, Red Armband, Mizz Duval, Ulysses Castellanos, and DJ SARIN

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