Naked TNT!MEN Holiday Dance in Club120 on Saturday 12-29-12


The New Year is almost here and we're still here, so lets celebrate as if it was our last party as some Negativians might have predicted but not TNT!MEN The new Calendar that we will soon start is better than ever and will bring much Joy, Happiness and Naked Hugs to one and all. Of course you'll be able to find TNT!MEN in Club 120, on Saturday, December 29th from 4- 9 pm. Members $5, non-members $8, Students with valid ID $4 and if you bring a non-perishable food item or cash for PWA Food-bank, you'll receive a free voucher for a future event of your choice (suggested donations about $5) Please be generous as each of your gifts are greatly appreciated by those in need. And Drum-roll here: If you become a new member at this party or give us your early renewal we will bridge your membership until June 30 2014. Yes indeed en entire year and a half for the price of a one year for merely $25 membership AND NEW MEMBERS GO IN FREE AT THE EVENT WHEN THEY BECOME A MEMBER, so this gives an extra $5 savings .

Please remember that only your clothes that you wear are part of the Free-clothes check, while personal secondary bags will be extra, so please do not bring steamer-trunks, suitcases or whatever else you may carry in those weekenders unless of course these are filled with donations for PWA Food-Drive.

And for those who need a reminder. Did you know that TNT!MEN members receive free locker access to Spa Excess each Friday evening after eight pm . All this requires is for you to give them your valid TNT!MEN membership card and a $5 key deposit and you'll receive both back before your leave. The only condition is that you remain naked during your visit to Spa Excess and lets face it why wear a towel when you are a nudist, DAAAh!. And just to mention also TNT!MEN members receive a discount off regularly priced items from both Priape and North-Bound Leather when you visit and buy in person in the stores (not applicable for sales or on-line purchases). Please remember that at Club 120 there might be an ending time of 9:00 pm for our TNT!MEN party but simply being in Club120 simply means that the party simply never stops; Great Owners & Staff, best DJs and bar-services and lets be honest what cruising can be done, MMmm!. Other parties you should never forget are for instance the Toronto Gitch Party (always first Friday of each month) and lets not forget the very important New POZ Party to help all of us get over the stigmas attached to being Poz (for-instance and no you do not need to be Poz to be Positive, so this POZ party is for everyone and everybody, that is of course if you're over the legal drinking age.

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