History Boys: First Period


Perverse, intelligent, fabulous, from Alexander the Great and his sexy warrior-lover, to Chinese homos in the Dominion of Canada, the History Boys take you on a journey through gay history. Join the boys in an evening of readings of their irreverent column, followed by a Q&A. Take the “Sexy History Test,” show off your sexy brain, get schooled! If you aren’t careful you just might learn something!

History Boys is a regular column in Fab Magazine by Jeremy Willard and Michael Lyons that focuses on gay people, movements and events throughout history, with illustrations by the fabulous Eric Williams.

fabmagazine.com/history-boys, facebook.com/HistoryBoys, ericdraws.com, videofag.com

Dresscode: Smart is sexy! Nerd chic, schoolboy/schoolgirl realness, blazers, cardigans, bow ties, pleated skirts, thick rim glasses, etc. Dress up like you’re going to school to seduce your hot teacher. (If you’re looking for extra credit, the History Boys are open to that sort of thing, you know.) Dress encouraged, not required.

Cover: $5

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