Fridays Holiday House Party


This month we show you what Buddies is all about with our annual Fuck U Fridays staff showcase, featuring Jenna Syde, Michael Mackid, MC Jazz, and other impromptu performances that may or may not include opera, electric guitar, striptease, masturbation, hang gliding, dog sledding, baby tossing, hand stands, and the bird dance. Hosted by the outrageous, outlandish, and obnoxious Judy Virago.

DJ Triple-X blasts shit you don't want to hear. However, tonight since it's the time of year to give, we're opening up the decks so anyone can "Be A DJ". Just bring three of your favourite tunes on MP3 or CD format and we'll play them throughout the night.

Gift Exchange - bring your unwanted new and previously loved goodies to Buddies and exchange them for other junk to clutter your place with.

Fuck Christmas, Fuck New Years - This is one holiday party you don't want to miss.

Come early enjoy the ride all night long!

Friday December 28th - Buddies in Bad Times Theatre - 12 Alexander St - Toronto - 416-975-8555 - 1030pm to 230am - 5 Buxxx

$10.25 beer pitchers and selected $2.75 shooters all night long.

Calling all Beastie Boys and Backstreet Boys, Vivian Girls and Spice Girls - Whether you like Black Box or Black Lips, White Lines or White Weddings. Dress the part - nerd, scholar, goth, slut, preppie, freak, teacher, stoner, misfit, reject, queer, hoser, exhibitionist, rocker, glam, sexy, punk, disco, femme, butch, skater, hip hop, new wave, master, servant

Get A Room Already - Making tt Easy to get Sleazy

For those looking to extend the party all night long, the Marriott Courtyard at 475 Yonge Street directly across the street from Buddies, is offering a 10% discount off the best available room rate for anyone attending Fuck U Fridays.

Just click here to make your reservation and put Buddies in Bad Times as the company name to receive your discount -

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NEXT UP - 2013 brings forth a whole new bag of tricks.

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Performer Bios

MC Jazz is a queer Egyptian rapper/poet, whose lyrics attempt to break the social, sexual and political limitations of Hip-hop. Jazz (Yasmeen Kamal) was born in Kuwait but escaped with family back to Egypt during the Gulf War between Kuwait and Iraq. After immigrating to Canada in 2000, and experiencing the extreme prejudice created from 9/11, Jazz started using spoken word, poetry and rap to reveal and express social injustice in today's society and using hip-hop as a tool for relating her words to people who are not necessarily Muslim or queer. Her lyrics are inspired by the desire to educate and change the media-reliant culture we live in today through empowering most groups that are considered to be a minority in our societies. Since conscious hip-hop has been taking a back seat, Jazz uses her poetry and rap to empower females who may not necessarily have access to inclusive music. Since being an openly queer, Muslim, Egyptian artist is a rare combination, Jazz works to ensure that none of her personal beliefs are compromised while creating music and being part of the hip-hop scene in Toronto.

Jenna Syde is Toronto's ONLY punk rock drag queen! She's been doing drag/performance for more than 3 years now, getting my start at the infamous GAZA STRIP night @ BUDDIES IN BAD TIMES THEATRE. with ANDREW HARWOOD. She has done various club events with BUDDIES, PROM NIGHT, RETRO ELECTRO, RENDEZ VOUS, etc, As well as worked with Miss Margot and performed @ The Beaver for the opening launch of their GOTH DRAG night, Emerging multi-media, performance art, and of course drag is her main goal. Her influences are interpretations of Nina Hagen, Jayne County, Siouxsie Sioux, Wendy O Williams, Diamanda Galas, Pete Burns, Grace Jones, Klaus Nomi, and more. She has a strong link and adoration for the punk/goth/new wave/avant garde movements, and trying to incorporate surreal-socio political performance art as a drag medium

Michael Mackid is an artist extraordinaire creating one of a kind, hand made objects, and also the mastermind behind the popular Penis Project series held at Buddies.

Judy Virago hails from the magical shores of Middle Earth, New Zealand. Her feats of majesty are world famous (in New Zealand, where she won a major title within her first year in training heels, many moons ago).After several years of cabaret, theatre, indie film and music video performances, wee Jude packed up and took off to the bright lights of Honest Ed's, Toronto. Since her arrival to the frozen north just ten months ago, Ms. Virago has set her sights on claiming the hearts and souls of Canadians to trade with the Dark Lord for more tacky jewellery, cheap wigs and vintage frocks. Judy has made her mark on the Toronto scene hosting queer club nights, dazzling crowds with eclectic and innovative fashion sense, creative style, excessive use of liquid eyeliner and glitter. A proud vegan ecofeminist, Judy takes her inspiration from women everwhere, especially those who have faded from glory... and painted it back on. More is more, darlings.


Past FUF participants include - Mr Ease, Goat Boy, The Great Leifaroni Harmsini , Divinesque, Jenna Syde, Zsa Zsa La Bitche, Tanya Cheex, Lexi Tronic, MC Jazz, Helene Ducharme, Justin King of Playboys, Judy Virago, DJ Steve Rock, Morgan M Page, Fay Slift, Regina the Gentle Lady, DJ Miss Margot, Dolly Berlin, Man Chyna, DJ Care Failure, Sexy Mark Brown, Wry and Ginger, Vivek Shraya, Vance Vallance, CJ Sleez, Robin Black, DJ Starboy, IGBY Lizzard, Layla Hassam, Devine Darlin, Miss Fluffy Souffle, Boy Scream, Lavender Blonde, Jade Night-Walker, Aviva Mirage, Connie Lingua, Bruce La Bruce, Jay Walker, Jason Wells, Rog Carrier, Ryan Russell, Donnarama, Sherry Sylvain, Cameron, Soren Nik, Mademoiselle Belle Jumelles, Eva Destruction, Jimmy Danger, Xtacy Love Dior, Drag King Flare, Maximum Capacity, DJ Sheila, Dainty Smith, Catherine Hernandez, Paige Turner, and more –

Pix here -

here - (Raul Da Silva)

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Fay Slift performance videos from January -

Artists you might hear are - AC/DC, Run DMC, Cracker, Madonna, Kylie, Rough Trade, NKOTB, Supremes, Elvis, Def Leppard, NIN, Dolly Parton, Twisted Sister, Sylvester, Chic, Deelite, REO Speedwagon. Journey, Loverboy, Johnny Cash, Crystal Castles, Japan, Shondelles, Big Freedia, The Adverts, Subhumans, NSYNC, Nina Hagen, Duchess Says, Bauhaus, Timex Social Club, Luba, Two Unlinmited, Robyn S, Dream Warriors, Afrika Bambatta, Sade, Ministry, Tone Loc, Dead or Alive, U2, Ultravox, Duran Duran, Turtles, Hollies, Grand Master Flash, Vibrators, Joan Jett, Heart, Le Tigre, Divine, Rolling Stones, DFA1979, Adam and the Ants, Janis Joplin, Stiff Little Fingers, Blur, Oasis, That Petrol Emotion, David Bowie, Tina Turner, Led Zeppelin, Devo, Nightbox, Buddy Holly, Bryan Adams, Lords of Acid, Loverboy, 2 Live Crew, Slits, Janet Jackson, Richie Valens, Bill Haley. Bryan Ferry, Doors, Clash, Nirvana, Nicki Minaq, Public Enemy, Skinny Puppy, Stranglers, INXS, Snap, Ricky Martin, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Ronnettes, Ministry, Petula Clark, Flying Lizards, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Still Little Fingers, Aerosmith, Patti Labelle, Beatles, Donne Summer, Placebo, Motley Crew, Culture Club, Gary Numan, Cher, Phil Collins, Right Said Fred, Sisters of Mercy, Missy Elliot, Grace Jones, Ace of Bass. MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Dr and the Medics, Siouxsie, Pavement, BB Gabor, Marilyn Manson, Archies, Headpins, Manzone, Cramps, Cabaret Voltaire, Metallica, Hoodoo Gurus, MGMT, PS I Love You, Young Empires

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