Big Primpin' First Fridays at Round Venue (Closed Permanently) Formerly: Big Primpin' First Fridays at Miss Things

100% love it
GayCities Members report that Big Primpin' First Fridays at Round Venue has closed
Bills itself as a "queer hip-hop and dancehall party"
The party takes place on the first Friday of every month. Hip-hop Hurray!


    • andfabulous
      andfabulous Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Big Primpin
      See this review on my blog Where: Wrongbar When: First friday of the month Who: Me and a crew of tall, hot men. And one not-so-tall but equally hot man. What: Big Primpin gay hip hop night. After a day of frantic (and rather sobering) scrambling around to find booze after realizing it was Good Friday, a very excellent group of boys descended on my friend's very trendy Queen West apartment for pre-drinks. The event? Big Primpin at Wrongbar. The dress is casual, definitely with attitude; Cute shoes, butch shirt, coiffed hair, or in my case a hat with a FLAT brim that makes me look about 7 years younger than I am. Or like I'm my age and TRYING to look 7 years younger. One of those two. The thing with Big Primpin is... you have to get there early. Or get on the line bypass list. Or both. In the past, especially in the cold months, the line up is impenetrable after 11ish. Even those on the bypass list can end up in the hour-long wait if they get there too late. So this time we decided better early than stuck in line. We over-shot it a bit and got there a bit too early, but not much. Within half an hour of arriving the club was filling and a line had formed outside. Plus I got to get a totally decent buzz on before there was a big line at the bar. Better drunk than early... no, I mean late... I mean better late than... Oh god I'm such an alcoholic. The party was entirely good. My friends and I had a killer time, which was much needed. I'll admit I was unsure about it at first. I used to hit this party quite a bit, and the last couple times I went the place was a bit too crowded for me, and the lack of coatroom space and lineups got me down. But not this time. This time was nothing but net, as they say in some sport game that I was picked last for as a child because I insisted on wearing spandex in gym class. True. Story. The crowd is nothing if not attractive. It always is. Not uniformly, but there is certainly no lack of eye candy. Mostly a 20s-30s crowd, mix of twinks, butch gym guys, girls, and queen west homos. A nice smattering of fashion boys (I swear I spotted Jeremy Laing). And of course me and my crew. People tend to be quite friendly at Big Primpin, and there is never a lack of conversation on the smoking patio. And girl, this party is cruisy. I wont tell you how many phone numbers I exchanged. The answer is 3. I heard from 2 of them. The third can go fuck himself. Or I was too drunk and punched in the wrong number. Or... both. The music was more Hip-Grind than Hip-Hop, which suited me fine. I can't say I know a lot of that music, but I enjoyed the dirty beats, and the layout of the space works well for getting kinda lost on the dancefloor. Very spicy. From my vantage point, the room was having a killer time, and there was hardly a move to the door after last call, which made it easy to jump the coatcheck line and get out before the crush. My one complaint is that they tend to play a lot of the favourite songs too early in the night. I'm not ready for Rhi-Rhi singing Cockiness at 11:15. But jesus do I want it at 1:30. Same goes for Lady B. Both don't fit too squarely in the category of hip-hop, I know, but anyone complaining about that will be drowned out quickly by the sound of 100 gay men doing laser arms in time with SUCK MY COCKINESS LICK MY PERSUASION. So good, Rhianna. So bad. So good. It was a good night from beginning to end. From the convergence of some great boys talking about sex and love (and how if THIS person can get engaged then why the hell can't I?) to the random grinding with a 24 year old stranger who is turning out to be quite cute. Nice work, Big Primpin. I'll see you again. 28... And Fabulous.

    • poolboy18
      poolboy18 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      One of the best monthly parties...