Queer West Arts and Culture Centre

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Though not a physical community center, Queer West Arts puts on numerous queer events throughout the year, including the popular Queer West Fest every Summer. Check the website for current events.


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      Toronto Queer West Village community centre
      Produces performing arts festivals for the purposes of educating and advancing the public's understanding and appreciation of performing arts and to educate artists through participation in such festivals and related workshops.The Bent Arts Collective is responsible for performing arts events, educational workshops, interactive public forums, art shows. The Board; governance and funding only. We Produce Queer West Fest The largest Queer Arts and Culture Festival in Canada. 12 days of music, dance, art shows, drama, laughs, film, and, of course, cabaret every June! We Produce Queer West Film Festival. A weekend in June of film shorts gay, lesbian, bi & trans lives and issues from around the world. We Produce The Bent Expressions Newspaper What's On Today. A Social Enterprise of Queer West. We Produce Bent Events Queer Expressions, to keep you amused, intrigued and educated. We Produce Queer Peers A LGBT queer youth educational public forum and workshop for ages 18 to 30. We Manage The Gay West Bicycle Club. Queers on Gears, having fun since 2003. The only gay and lesbian cycling club in Eastern Canada. We are home the edgy, artsy, booming Queer West Village, which has room for everyone: hot, indie music scenes, celebrity-chic shopping, all-night dance parties and an über-cool mixed crowd.